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With roots in Alabama, Ray was introduced to music by his father, a construction worker who moonlighted as a honky-tonk musician. After living in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, Wilson gained a wide variety of musical inspirations ranging from The Doors and The Police to Chuck Berry and The Beatles. Wilson gained experience playing bass for both a punk and a heavy metal band in the 90’s.

After pausing on his musical career for 15 years to become a successful businessman, Wilson dusted off his old guitar and made a new name for himself in both America and internationally with his wandering, “troubadour” persona and his natural, down-to-earth music. Wilson’s debut album, “Troubadour,” was released in early 2015. Wilson roams from town to town spreading his music to the masses, enjoying every moment of his dream come true.

“It’s been a wild ride already” Wilson says, “I’ve never had an experience like the one I’ve had recording and then turning around and playing ‘troubadour’ live!”

“Troubadour,” recorded at NueWave Recording in Amarillo, Texas – produced by Mason Smith and co-produced by Ray – it has been well received by both fans and music critics alike since it’s January 2015 release.

“Troubadour opens you up to a whole new world and will easily draw attention from a wide audience with Wilson’s pleasant vocals and the calming acoustic remedy that the album employs.” – Zara Rowden, Music Review Blogger

“Beautiful melodies, pure vocals and truly moving lyrics. Troubadour is an album you won’t want to miss!” Jacob Andrew, Anchor Music News

“The nuances of the album come alive on second, third and fourth listening, but the smooth buttery vocals and folk brand of blues make Troubadour an entertaining listen the first time through.” Travis Erwin – Music Review Blogger