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Lil’ Hoss is Back.. and so is our Blog!

It’s baaaack! This blend originated in 2005, and instantly became a Bar Z favorite! This is our third reprise of this popular Cab blend. Vintner, Monty Dixon, expertly balances the strong tannins of the cab in this blend with ripe fruit flavors from other varietals, creating a smooth, mouthwatering red.

2005, 2011 and now 2017 are the only vintages of Lil Hoss. It’s so good, you probably wonder why we don’t make one every year. Only the best grapes and the best blends get to go into our Lil Hoss portfolio.  A number of factors affect grape quality including weather, vineyard health, age of the vines, etc. Once we’ve fermented our 100% Texas grapes, they go into French oak barrels to age. How long? Until they’re ready. There isn’t a date on the calendar that tells us when a wine is ready to go into a bottle and on its way to you. It’s a tough job, but we frequently sample wines straight from the barrel to determine the optimum time and perfect blend. After we’ve done bench trials and we feel like we’ve created a blend that has the bold character of a Cab, blended for a smooth finish, we’ll brand a new Lil Hoss.

Each vintage of Lil Hoss has won awards from all over, but we’re happiest sharing our Lil Hoss with our friends from down the road. You can enjoy this month’s Wine of the Month by visiting our tasting room or purchasing on our website. If you’re a fan and you think a 15% discount would pair well with this wine, talk to an associate about joining the wine club, or sign up at today!