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Welcome to the new, improved and updated Bar Z Blog!! We’d like to kick this off by answering some Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How long have you been here?

A: After commercially producing wine since 2004, we started construction on our building in 2007. Our winemaker got to move all of the tanks and barrels out of his basement, and into this shiny new building! After 10 years, it’s about time you came out and had a glass of wine with us!

Q: How does this work?

A: Well, the short answer is that we pour wine in your glass and you drink it. Good times are had by all. To be more specific, you can purchase wine by the flight (4 pre-selected wines), by the glass, or by the bottle.

Q: Aren’t you just open for events and weddings?

A: We don’t need a special occasion to crack open a bottle and drink wine with our friends! Our tasting room is open from 3-9 pm, Wednesday-Sunday.

Q: Do I need a reservation to come out?

A: We like surprises! Come on out, no reservation required!

Q: Where do you get the wine?

A: From the blood, sweat and tears we put into making everything that goes into the bottle! (Not literally….that’s gross.) We harvest the grapes alongside our hardworking vineyard owners, and bring them to Bar Z Winery. Once the grapes come through our back door, we process everything on-site. We crush and de-stem the grapes, and then start the fermentation process in stainless steel tanks. Once fermentation is complete, we press – not with our feet (another frequently asked question) – to get all of the juice off of the solids (grape skins, seeds, etc.). After that, we use a process called racking to clarify the wine. You might have noticed that we’re “unfiltered.” (This applies to our staff as well as our wines.)  We believe that filtration strips the wine of its beautiful, unique characteristics. After racking is complete, the wine will go into our French Oak barrels to age until it’s ready to go into a bottle, at which point, we would love to share with you the FRUITS of our labor! (See what we did there?)

Q: I don’t see any vineyards…..where do you get the grapes?

A: You caught us! There are indeed no vineyards on the property.  Our soil isn’t conducive to making grapes grow like they should, and we really love winning shiny medals that we get to hang on our wines, so we get the best grapes Texas has to offer! All of our grapes come from the Texas High Plains AVA, located near Lubbock.

Q: What type of wine do you have?

A: In total, we produce 6 red varietals (Cabernet Sauvignon, Ruby Cabernet, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Tempranillo and Pinot Noir) and 3 red blends.  We like our wine dry, like our sense of humor.  If you prefer something sweet, we do have a bubbly Chenin Blanc blend we call Howling Cow. It just might make you howl, too.

Q: Do you serve food?

A: We offer Grazer Boards, which feature local meats from Edes and cheeses from Tule Creek Dairy that pair really nicely with our wines. We’re proud to be from here, and we support our friends and fellow Texas Panhandle businesses!

Q: How do I find out about your events?

A: However you want! Follow us on Facebook/Instagram, subscribe to our email list on the homepage, or visit our Events Calendar on the website!

Q: I don’t like wine. Can I bring beer?

A: Would you bring a picnic basket to a restaurant? Would you walk into a bar with a 6-pack? The answer is no.  Don’t get us wrong. We love beer, but our TABC permit only allows us to produce and sell our wines. Oh but hey…check out the awards we’ve won! We love a good challenge, and we’d appreciate the opportunity to try and convert you to a wino! We’re proud Texans, and we hope that you’ll support our award-winning 100% Texas wine.

If you have any more questions, we’d be happy to answer them!! Come on out to the winery and chat with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members, call us at 806.488.2214, or email us at!